The Misunderstood…

“Come on, Bree! Move it,” shouted Hazel, “We don’t want the backseat of the school bus!” It was a sunny day in Plainsville and the sixth graders were going on a field trip to the Newark museum. Bree and Hazel were the best of friends and loved each other like sisters. “I’m so excited!” exclaimed Bree. The two friends hurried up the steps of the school bus and hopped into the first row of the bus. As they sat down, the unbearable odor of the seats made Bree sick. The obnoxious boys were being yelled at by Mrs. Taylor.  “OMG! Did you see this awesome new movie trailer?” Hazel took out her blue iPhone. But Bree’s eyes were already half shut and she dosed of before she even knew it.

Bree’s eyes fluttered open. As she stretched her arms, she noticed that Hazel was also snoozing. In fact, everyone was in sound sleep. She yawned satisfactorily. But, the sky was the thing that caught Bree’s eyes. A dark, blue storm lurked above the large, pointy tree tops. A large, gray cloud traveled overhead. Because of the merciless wind, the tall trees pointed down as if bowing toward an audience. Suddenly, the rain shot down like daggers from the sky. A sudden jolt was shot through Bree’s body. The bus turned right and then right again. Right. Right. Right. This pattern kept on going until the jaunty, yellow school bus was up in the air. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a tall, thin man wearing a black cape over a metallic black suit. He chuckled madly. Her heart skipped a beat. He spun like a living tornado. Bree’s eyes widened. The man controlled the movement of the bus! His face was hidden in the shadow of his dark hood. His mouth opened as if he was going to suck all of us inside. However, nothing came out. I waited and waited till a familiar voice surprised her.

“Bree! Bree! Wake up! We’re here!” Bree shot up from her seat the misunderstood picfrighteningly. She banged her head on the front wall. A comforting, warm hand held her shoulder. Bree instantly realized it was Hazel’s. “Oh! You okay? Come on, I’ll ask the teacher for an ice pack.” Hazel said. As Hazel walked away, Bree put her hand on her head. And it wasn’t just because of the collision. The nightmare had caused an unbearable headache. She got up from her seat and started to walk to the front of the bus. As she turned her head to thank the bus driver, a cold chill ran up her spine. The bus driver’s black suit made butterflies in Bree’s stomach. His chuckle made Bree’s heart flip. “Th…Th…Thank…Thank you.” Bree stammered. The man’s eyes gleamed evilly. His mouth opened. “No, No! Thank YOU!”


3 thoughts on “The Misunderstood…

  1. I enjoyed this – it was mysterious and I found myself wanting to know more. Your description of the weather was very good and kept my interest. Loved the ending! My tiny bit of critical feedback is that you seem to have got the two girls’ names in a muddle in the last paragraph – Does Bree walk away or Hazel?

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