Crime Brought To Justice… Part 1

            There I was. Running for my life as the sirens were making my ears bleed. Every step I took, some energy was taken from me. My eyes scanned the alleyway. There! Though it was small, it was the perfect place to hide. A big, rectangular garbage can and a building had a tiny partition. I scurried over and hid myself hoping the pounding of my heart didn’t give me away. The middle police car stopped, and the chief stepped out. He yelled into his microphone, “Jackson! Jackson! If you are hiding, I’m warning you! Surrender yourself at once! You already caused enough havoc in this town by robbing charities and banks. Do not DARE to commit another crime!” Concluding his threat, Chief Tony hopped in his car and sped away.

Wow. This guy could really scare me. Even his presence seemed to separate my body and soul. I ended my thoughts and looked up into the sky. I looked around to find the star that shined the brightest. “Whenever you miss me,” my mom used to say when she was in the hospital my mom said in her last dying breath, “Look into the sky and find the brightest star. That’s going to be me. So, I will be with you always and always.” With that she closed her eyes and left me alone forever. I suddenly became angry. Angry at my dad. My mom was so depressed. She didn’t have enough money to up bring me. That was all because of my dad. He left us on the streets to rot. And now, I was all alone. When I no longer had my family, I understood the value of money. I was forced to rob charities. I regretted it. But, once I started, I was already a criminal, so, I couldn’t stop. I needed to find my dad. I needed revenge. No, no. I needed my mom. I needed my family. My eyes slowly closed.

stock-footage-two-police-cars-and-an-ambulance-flash-their-lights-at-night-while-parked-on-the-side-of-the-road I was awoken by the sounds of the siren. “Oh, No!” Five police cars slammed the brakes and cornered the garbage can. “You are under arrest!” a familiar voice said, “You should thank the garbage man who didn’t throw you on the trash. If I was him, I would have sent you straight to the dumpster.” I was scared to death. My heart was pounding. My palms were so sweaty. As the chief grabbed me by my arm, I dug my fingernails into my palms to keep me from screaming.  My first instinct was to run. Run as far away as possible and never come back. But, I was surrounded by merciless police men whose job was to capture me. There was no way I could dodge all of the cars. If strength couldn’t work, the maybe brains could. I quickly formed a plan to trick these officers. While I was in my deep thoughts, I didn’t realize that Chief Tony had put handcuffs on me. Then, he dragged me to his car and threw me into the backseat. Soon, we had reached the treacherous police station. The constable led me to a room and ordered me to sit down. He opened another door that was labeled “File Room.” Uh oh! All these years I had changed my true identity to Jackson Ramos. Now, the light was about to shine on my deepest secret.


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