Crime Brought To Justice… Part 2

Did you read Part 1? If not, click here.

.     .     .

“Chief!” the constable yelled from the room, “I don’t see his record file anywhere!” Tony came rushing into the room with a stern look on his face. He looked at me, then the constable, then at the room’s door. A wave of realization slammed him on the face. “You…you changed your name?!” I hesitated before answering. If I lied, they would torture me with their questions till I spilled the beans. Tony’s eyes shot daggers at me. I mustered up the little courage I had left and nodded. I opened my mouth and started to tell my story. From my tragic loss to my escape from reality. Everything. I opened everything of my life to a handful of strangers who had no mercy and no idea what it felt like to be a runaway like me. When I finally ended, I let go a long exhale of satisfaction. I felt like the weight of the sky had been taken away from me. I looked up to see the reaction of my audience. Everyone was in shock. Everyone. Well, everyone except Tony. All of a sudden, his face looked familiar. Of course I had seen him a dozen times before but, he looked like someone I knew from long ago. His face was a mixture of fear, shock, and sadness all shined on his face. I was confused. Why was his face like this? Suddenly, he stumbled backward. He looked like he just woke up from sleep. He blinked his eyes a couple of times. One hand reached to touch his heart. Another. His colleagues rushed to him with a glass filled with water. When the color flushed back on his face, he asked me a question that no one knew, “Martin Chase, born 1998 in Union City? Son of Mae Chase?” My eyes widened. All of that was true! How in the world did he know all of this? My exact details, my mom, my birthplace?

“What was your father’s name?” he asked. I was stumped. I remembered a time eight years ago. My mom and I were sitting on the couch watching Iron Man. Back then, everything was always peaceful and fun. When they introduced the main character, Tony Stark, my mom had said, “Just like your handsome father. Look Martin, your dad’s name was Tony, too. Tony was my Iron Man!” I stopped my flashback, and breathed as the secret unveiled itself. I looked up, and realized, “I’m looking at the face of my dad.”

father hugging son I planted my feet, determined to not lung forward. But, my heart took control of my body. I ran forward and wrapped my arms around him. As soon as my fingertips touched him, an electrical shock went through us. For that moment, I didn’t care about anything! No police chase. Nothing! Years of affection spilled out of me. My DAD. I hugged one of the most honorable men in this town. That man was father.

.     .     .

         I don’t know what will happen in the future. I don’t know. And I don’t want to know. All I care about is my dad. All these years I thought I was all alone in this big, mean world. Finding him was like finding a piece of my mom…of my past. Actually I don’t even care if I go to jail. At least, I’ll know that my dad loved me so much, he chose to let me go and take the consequences of what I had done. For now, all I care about is my dad. 


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