“Faction Before Blood”: A FanFiction

          “Zing! Zap!” The TV fluttered on and off. “Oh man! No more Bubble Guppies?” My brother whined. I slapped my head in frustration. With the power outage and no light, I couldn’t finish my four page essay. “Four!” I heaved a sigh and started daydreaming about my favorite character. Currently, I was reading a book called Divergent. It was a dystopian futuristic novel where each person belonged to a Faction. However, people who belonged to more than one faction, Divergents, threatened the system and were not welcomed. And some factions were against them. I loved it so much! I just couldn’t get enough of it. Four was strong, brave, and smart. He was Divergent. “Just one chapter?” I persuaded myself, and my hand shot straight in my backpack and started digging through it to find my book. “Sweetie?” My mom yelled from the dark, gloomy kitchen, “Can you come here for a sec?” I popped my blue IPhone out of my pocket and switched on the flashlight. The bright, white light guided my body, but my feet were still wandering in the darkness. A sharp, piercing pain went through my foot. I wailed out loud in pain. “Why’d you keep your stupid toy in my way?” I questioned angrily. My brother’s warrior figurine lay injured with no protection. Its bent sword shined in the little light that was coming from outside. I bent my head slightly. “Wasn’t the sword supposed to be plastic?” I thought. My eyebrows furrowed together. I looked at the handle. It was a black, shiny material. The harmless, mini sword had turned into a stainless steel knife! I gasped in disbelief. My eyes widened, and I bit my lip in fear. Was something or someone playing a trick with my eyes? I bent down in curiosity. As my fingertip hesitantly touched the knife, its glow brightened. When I had full grip on the knife, a bright, white light burst into my eyes. It slammed me with a force so powerful, my heart skipped a beat.

divergent           “Oh my GOSH!” I looked around, bewildered. “Where am I?” A blur of people dressed in orange, blue, black, gray, and white all sat in a concentric circle. I looked down at my hand. Its stainless steel surface glistened in the light, and its cold handle shivered my spine. I was holding a knife! A wall of realization slammed me awake. Then, I understood it all. “The warrior’s knife! Divergent! Am I really inside the book?” I slowly asked myself. A voice interrupted my words. “Diana Ludwig, I do not wish to haste you, but you need to make your choice.” I looked toward the direction of the voice. Marcus Eaton! His dark, cold eyes stared right through my soul. His cruel intentions showed on his face. I looked around at all the factions: Amity, Erudite, Candor, Dauntless, and Abnegation. My eyes landed on a beautiful, young girl, Beatrice Prior. Her energy shined on her face. Confusion dwelled all over me. I knew the future of Abnegation, the selfless faction. I choked back a sob. Should I warn them? What will the consequences for that be? “Diana Ludwig!” Marcus ordered sternly, “Please make your choice!” His cold-blooded voice forced me to turn around and look at the table in front of me. I knew I was supposed to choose a faction. I could either stay in my current faction or choose to be in another one. If I transferred, I would have to leave my family. The thought of my family made me think again. “Wait, am I going to go back home?”

Marcus spoke again. “Diana Ludwig! Shall we choose for you, or can you choose for yourself?” Frightened, I flipped the knife in my hand and pointed it toward my hand. I was supposed to drop my blood in the bowl of the faction of my choice. “Which one though? The gray stones for Abnegation, water for Erudite, Earth for Amity, coal for Dauntless, or glass for Candor?” I softly pressed the sharp point of the knife to my bare hands. “Blood is a strange color,” I thought, restating Beatrice’s words. A drop of blood gathered into my hand. I tilted it slightly. My blood plopped on the on top of the rocks. The gray stones welcomed my blood like their own. That told me that I had picked the right faction. I will be dressed in gray and be selfless. I was going to warn them ahead of time, and rescue all of Abnegation from the evil clutches of Erudite. “Diana? Diana!” I turned toward Marcus, thinking he had called my name, but he seemed as if he hadn’t said a word. I shrugged. “Maybe, it was just my imagination,” I thought. I turned my head down to put the soft, white cotton on my cut. My eyes widened when I saw the knife. Well, it just wasn’t a knife anymore. It was a plastic sword! I swallowed all the air around me. I felt like I was floating in the middle of the ocean. My right hand slowly raised, and my left hand shot out to stop it. But, I couldn’t help it. My hand flew straight toward the knife, and grabbed it tightly.

A shock was sent through my body. I tried to pull my hand away, but it wouldn’t budge. The world around me collapsed. A force pushed me down, and I crumbled down to my knees. I flipped toward the ground and landed face flat.

By the time I opened my eyes, my knuckles were as white as the cotton on my hand from holding the plastic sword. Wait! There was no cotton and no cut. I groaned letting out all of my confusion. “Ha! Ha! Ha!” My brother had his hands on his stomach and laughed out loud. My mom was sitting at the same place as she was before. “Diana! Can you please come here?” I nodded my head and started to walk toward her. A shine caught my eye, and my head cautiously drifted toward it. The knife was back again! I shook my head, trying to forget what I had just seen. “Diana! Hurry up!” My mom ordered. I seriously replied, “I am Divergent and I cannot be controlled!” Then, we both broke out laughing at my humorous joke.

.     .     .

All Divergent Material belongs to the Awesome Veronica Roth!


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