School’s Out!

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Finally!  Everything in the classroom washed and put away, every staple removed from every board and six weeks of bliss ahead. Completely delicious! School is most definitely out for the summer!

The children left just after three and then the hardest thing to do was work out how to get fifteen boxes of chocolates home on the bus!   I’ve had some wonderful presents over the years, cable ties, a bikini – just the top, a paper maché gold hand to put my rings on, a hug (from the dad), and one of the best – a bracelet made out of a fairy liquid bottle that a little girl called Chantelle had made all by herself. She loved bracelets – spent all her time threading beads, tying bits of wool together, she’d sometimes even draw them on her wrist with felt-tips.

‘You’re my best teacher ever, why can’t I keep you?’ She’d asked tearfully…

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