All About Alligators: An Informational Story

Written and Typed by: A KINDERGARTENER (Booyakasha_Dude)

.     .     .

People get confused between crocodiles and alligators. They think they are the same. In fact, they are different. Alligators have a u-shape snout, and Crocodiles have v- shaped snout.
Alligators are cold blooded.
Alligators eat fish.
They live in the swamp.
They are threatened and endangered.
Alligators don’t mind if another alligator is by them, as long they are the same height.
They are a bluish- gray color.
Alligators are faster runners than crocodiles.
Alligators bottom teeth are inside his mouth.
They keep their nose and eyes above the water to hunt.
Alligators legs are outside his body. If they were inside his body, it will be harder to walk. Gators live on the tip of Florida in completely fresh waters. Gators lay out in the sun because they are cold blooded. Gators eat things that are smaller. Gators dig a hole of water in the dry season to distract thirsty prey to catch. Gators can’t live long without water.

Alligators are awesome reptiles!


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