Buster and Lidy

    One time there was a guy. His name was Buster. He went to a shop named “Buster Brown.” He said, “Oh, look! There’s my name!” He didn’t have a family. That was his secret. He had nothing and no one. He lived on the streets. But, it was also good because he could do whatever he wanted to do. He really liked to go outside. The nature was his home. Outside the shop Buster Brown, he met a girl named Lidy. They became BFF’s right away. He started to live in her house. When they grew up, they married each other. The next day, Buster was gone. A bad guy came in. She called 911, and the police took him away. Buster came back. He became a bad guy! When Lidy found out that Buster was bad, she called 911 again. They took him away. Lidy said, “That’s awesome.” She was happy her husband went away. He was acting very weird these days. But, she realized it was all a dream.

    A few years later, it became true. That was the most awesome day in Lidy’s life. She was happy again, and she went to her old home with her parents again.


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