Eternal Grey: Preview

Adelais Grey didn’t like being summoned in the middle of the night. Especially by armed guard dressed in black. She had barely enough time to change, thanks to a well-timed shout from her buttler, before they came barging into her room. When they found her she was standing, dark tunic and pants, boots already on, blonde hair tightly pinned back, grey eyes sparkling with rage. Immediately they stopped, perhaps embarrassed.

“We had not known that the infamous Eternal Grey was a woman,” one managed.

“And who is it that assumes I am this famous spy?” she asked, tilting her chin up. She knew, in her dark clothes, with only a fire to illuminate the room, she looked intimidating. Even if she were only 20 years old.

“Ma’am,” her Butler, a silver haired, lanky man by the name of Russel, entered behind the guard. “They have your calling card.” The guards parted so he could pass and hand it to Adelais. The card was thick, and colored grey with black spidery writing that read, “Eternal Grey” with a secret language on the back that, when decoded properly, gave the name of a street where they could leave a message for her. If she chose to take their patronage, she would contact them as Eternal Grey.

“And how did you find my address?” she asked, sharply. The men were not well trained enough to have tailed her, or decoded the message. If the palace guard and the royal detective had failed, she knew these two fools had no chance.

“Our master discovered it Ma’am,” the same one who had spoken before.

“And what does your master want with me?” She watched him shift uneasily, hand on the hilt of his sheathed sword.

“We are to bring you to him.”

“You wouldn’t make it within a foot of me before I slit your throats,” she was curious to see how this would play out, “how do you think you can get me to meet this master of yours?” The second guard, who hadn’t said a word examined her intensely. At her threat they had both taken defensive stances, hands on their hilts. She hadn’t been bluffing, but she knew it wouldn’t be easy to defeat two larger and more readily equipped opponents in such small quarters.

“He told us to give you this,” the first one pulled out a coin purse, bulging, and tossed it to her. She caught it effortlessly. It was light, so not money or jewels- her usual fee. Instead of looking in it herself she handed it to Russel who took it in his white-gloved hands.

“What is it?” she stared at the two men. Russel opened it and removed whatever it held.

“Ma’am!” it came out as a gasp. She looked toward him and saw what he had pulled out. It was thread, gold and silver, shining a strange ethereal light.

“Adominia?” Not only was it the rarest, most treasured substance in the world, the amount that was in the coin purse could buy the entire country and still have enough left over to feed the populous for a year.

“This isn’t counterfeit?” she asked, taking it from her butler.

“It’s not!” the guard sounded offended. She ignored him. Russel took a threat and held it in his palm, having removed his glove. His dark eyes began to glow and the threads light grew brighter, the entire room lit up and the fire in the hearth danced wildly. Adelais could feel the energy in the air. It was pure Adominia alright.

“And your Master will give me this for my service?” she couldn’t help but sound incredulous. This was a King’s fortune, and then some. The guards felt safe enough to resume a more natural pose.

“Yes Ma’am, you get that for coming with us, and another bag for completing your task.”

 “So, what is my task?”

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