Adventure in Italy

Senore….? Senore …? Ah, benissimo! Si sta svegliando. Come sta?’

‘Denise is that you? What are you doing in the house dear? Did I oversleep?’

Lui e Inglese …. um….. ‘ello….? ‘Ow are you?’

‘Who are you dear; and what are you doing in my bedroom?’

One of the things Brenda enjoyed most about coach tours was sitting in the bar in the evenings catching up with other members of the tour. It was the same with this trip to Lake Garda. Every evening just for an hour or so she found a table overlooking the lake and mountains. Often there was a big gang of them sitting chatting and laughing. She tended to take her book so she didn’t look like she was trying too hard if no-one much was around. And it gave her an excuse if there was someone she didn’t want to get stuck with.

Thankfully there were no men of a certain age who had come on this trip to meet a prospective wife. They always wanted looking after and weren’t always very subtle, assuming that any single woman was available and desperate. In fact the only single gentleman on the tour was about seventy and was such lovely man. He had been widowed two years ago and talked fondly of his late wife. But there was never a hint of moping or sadness. He regaled the group with tales of his life in the forces and could comfortably have the whole coach in gales of laughter, such was his zest for life. So it was a shock when one of the other girls – Lucy, sat next to her and said: ‘You’ll never guess what happened to old Ted. He’s in hospital! He didn’t fancy going on the tour of Siena. Too much walking, so he opted to stay here and go for a walk as far as a restaurant that the nice girl on the front desk recommended. She said they have music there lunchtimes and he quite fancied it. On his way back – we’re not sure how it happened; whether he lost his footing or had a funny turn, but he fell and bumped his head and ended up in hospital. Thankfully he had his hotel key on him so they contacted the courier. Apparently he’s sprained his ankle poor thing.’

‘Can we go and see him?’ asked Brenda. ‘See if he needs anything?’

‘I was thinking about popping in tomorrow morning.’ Said Lucy. ‘We don’t leave for the excursion to Sirmione til eleven so I’m sure they’ll let us pop in. We can find out how he is then.’

‘Hello darlings!’ called out Ted as soon as he saw them. Sitting in a chair in his purple paisley print pyjamas and stripy dressing gown with his foot resting on a blue pillow, he was smiling broadly, entrancing all the nurses and clearly having the time of his life. He looked for all the world like he was a member of the English royal family receiving visits. ‘Come in, come in, how is everyone?’

‘Never mind us!’ said the two women at the same time. ‘What on earth happened?’

‘It’s still a bit hazy darling. One minute I was on the beach, the next I was here with all these beautiful ladies talking to me and I couldn’t understand a word they said. I thought I must be in heaven!’

‘The staff here have been wonderful – Italians are such lovely people aren’t they!  If I promise to take it easy they say I can leave tomorrow. I won’t be able to do any of the walking but I’m sure I can find a nice café wherever we go and wait til you get back with lots of photos to show me what I’ve missed!’

That’s settled then!’ said Brenda. ‘I suggest we take it in turns to granddad-sit!’


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