A Moment in Life: The Trapdoor Water Slide!

Dear Readers, I have made a new category called A Moment In Life. This category is about specific times in life where I take a small moment and explain every feeling, surrounding, and emotion I have.

 If you have a special moment, please let me know in the comments, and I will be happy to write about it. Or you can write about it yourself! To start it off, I will write about one of my recent visits to the water park.

.     .     .

        Finally, after an hour of wait, my turn was close. Even though my bare feet were burned by the concrete stairs, I managed to climb the stairs. As the last turn on the stairs came, I saw it. The Trap Door Water Slide. In my school, they say if you do it, you’re a water daredevil. Just two more people ahead of me. A teenage boy wearing blue trident trunks went inside the red slide. The clear door opened, and he stepped in. He must be a second-timer, I thought. There was no look of hesitation in his eyes. In fact, he was grinning from ear to ear. The door slammed shut and he took his position. With crossed arms and legs, the boy signaled a thumbs-up to show he was ready. The countdown began. “3, 2-” Instead of finishing the countdown, the ride attendant pressed the big, red button and the boy shot downward. The whoosh of the water and the laughter of the boy echoed in the slide. Just one more person ahead of me. The next was an adult lady. She had chestnut hair with hazel eyes. The perfect combo. I could tell she was scared. Her eyes darted back and forth to the bottom of the slide. Hesitantly, she stepped into the tube. The transparent door closed. Slowly, she crossed her arms and legs. She looked up, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath in. “3, 2, 1…” Unlike the last guy, the ride attendant finished her count. But, she took a long pause. I picked my hands up and signaled a thumbs-up. A slow smile crept up her lips. All of a sudden, the ride attendant pressed the red button. It was totally unexpected. The lady’s arms went flying loose. A yelp erupted out of her mouth as she vanished.

            My turn… I suddenly realized something. I was scared. I wavered. With my legs shaking, I slowly walked into the tube. There weren’t just any butterflies in my stomach. I could feel the flutter of their wings against my stomach. The door closed. I started feeling claustrophobic. I put my hands against the sides. What if a piece of my swimsuit got stuck in the slide? What if the ride malfunctioned? What if there was too much water flowing, that it pulls me down? More and more questions overwhelmed me. My breathing became rapid  as the countdown started. “3, 2, look its superman!” Come on! By the time I looked up only to see a bird, the red button was pushed. The panel beneath my feet vanished. Time stopped for a second. Before the darkness ate me, I saw the people in line laughing. My blood rushed to my head. An adrenaline rush surged. I firmly grasped my shoulder blades. Imagine a sky drop in full darkness. Now, imagine it in water. Times that by 20. That’s what it felt like. I wanted to let go my frightment. I wanted to open my mouth and scream as loud as I could. But, my mouth wouldn’t open! Water brushed past me and swirled up my nose. Cough! I struggled to get the water out. Feet first, I started going up into a loop. For a split second I hovered at the peak. A rollercoaster towered above me. I knew my family would be waiting on the bottom of me. Ready to take a video. I had to show them I was afraid of nothing! I put on a big smile. I became aware of the fact that it wasn’t scary anymore. Just like all the other slides. Then, I fell. 5 feet. 10 feet. The top opened and the sunshine blinded me. I kept dropping. A massive wave of blue liquid slammed to break my fall. The cold pool surprisingly comforted me. I swam to the end of the pool to be greeted by my smiling family. And that’s when the freaky, yet awesome, moment ended.



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