One Spark Of Light Part Two: A Sequel to the Last One Standing

Did you read the prequel and part one of One Spark Of Light?  If not, click here.

.     .     .

A tall, female police officer walked toward us. I could feel my heart thumping in my throat. My grip on Jack tightened. Despite the chilly, autumn night, a bead a sweat gathered on my forehead. I knew what question she was going to ask. She stopped a few feet away from us and stared at us with pity. She pulled out a notepad and pen, and started to speak. All of a sudden, a wave of questions crashed into me. Basic questions mostly.

“My name is Matthew, and I am 11 years old. My brother, Jack, is five years old…Our house mysteriously flamed in the middle of the night… Our parents and sister were lost in the fire.” My quick answers were ended abruptly.Fire-Background-3-17375-HD-Images-Wallpapers

“So, what second family do you have and what is your relationship with them?” She asked. This question made me think. My mother was an only child. We have paternal family in Massachusetts. My uncle and his family were very far away. In fact, my aunt never talked to us. It was still a mystery why she disliked us. I already lost memories of my childhood in the fire. I would like to keep the memories of the town. I told the officer my thoughts. Pondering on my words, she nodded. “I will assume the decision you have taken is final. You will go to St. Mae’s Orphanage and live with other children. Hopefully, you will find a family that will love you.” And, at that moment, I knew our lives would change forever.

The orphanage was enormous. But still, it was nothing compared to my sadness. A week ago, the hospital had called. God had snatched away our whole family from us. After we were hit with this wave of sorrow, all hope was gone. Tears had become daily life. Every day was the same routine. Wake up, eat, study, cry, and sleep.

One day, our caretaker, Miss Mills offered us something. “Boys, I see true potential in you. Your sweet smile can make anyone’s heart flip. Unfortunately that rarely occurs. I will do anything for that beam of sunshine.” She ended. Jack somehow read my mind. “Can you bring back our family?” Ms. Mills’ face told us that she was expecting this question. She replied without hesitation. “Do you want to go up for adoption?” The question had struck me like a wrecking ball. Honestly, I had never thought about adoption. I needed to think very carefully about this. Jack and I had our whole lives in front of us. Mom and Dad would want the same thing. “Yes, Miss Mills. We would like to go up for adoption.” Jack’s face lit up after he agreed silently. “Maybe we will find parents like Mom and Dad and a sister like Megan.” But, boy were we wrong…


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