Sweet Sixteen!: A Moment In Life

“What is it, Dad?” I asked stubbornly. His hands were getting sweaty and they were going to ruin my eye makeup. His hands covered my eyes and he nudged me forward with his elbow. I elegantly patted my fluffy, satin gown down. “We’re almost there!” My dad sounded eager, and my mom tightened her grip around my arm. I ignored the throbbing in my arm and focused on trying not to fall. My dad abruptly stopped, and questioned, “You ready?” I sheepishly nodded my head. My dad slowly, but dramatically, removed his sticky fingers from my eyes. My eyes widened as my heart did a perfect front flip. A short breath escaped my mouth, “I…don’t…me…Oh My Gosh!” I sweet 16stammered. My dad opened my palm and placed the silver, shining keys there. “Happy Sweet Sixteen, sweetie!” My mom wrapped her arms around me. My present’s sleek body made a great finish to its marvelous exteriors. The shiny, red paint glistened in the blinding sunlight. Its hard, rubber tires made it irresistible to drive. The window reflected my expressions. I was left breathless. I didn’t know what to say. So, I just followed my instincts. I hugged my parents so hard, I think I might have suffocated them. “Thank you so, so, SO MUCH!” I closed my eyes trying to think of what to say. But, I knew my hug was more than enough for them.


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