Mission: Sneak Out Part One

Eli was just a normal teenager with very strict parents. He also had a dream. Eli wanted to go to India alone. But, his parents didn’t allow him.

One day, Eli snuck out of his house when his parents were asleep. He took his life savings with him. He hopped onto a cab and rode it to the airport. Later, he got on the plane using the rest of his money. After a couple of hours, he reached India. For days and days, he searched and searched and finally he found a house. After he had lived in his house for a few days, a bad guy came into his house. He screamed for help. The police ran to him. Eli said that there was a bad guy in his house. The police took him away. “I quit living in India!” he shouted. So, he decided to go back to America. He borrowed some money from his friend for a plane ticket. On the plane, Eli was relaxing when he felt a push. The plane started to shake and shake.He looked out the window and the plane was on fire! He was struggling for breath. But, the plane kept on going down. The plane became a wind tunnel and Eli’s body flung upward. The plane dropped into the cold, icy water. And Eli was lost. When it came out to the news, his parents were heartbroken. ​Eli’s life was ruined.


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