Dark Mornings

4 am. It was 4 am as I was forced out of bed. But, of course, that was normal. The life of a teenage spy was not ordinary. And yet here I was, Leanna Hays, far from ordinary. With a height of 5’ 4”, I wasn’t that tall. It was about my attitude and demeanor. Even in the middle of the night, my chestnut hair was flawlessly pulled back into a ponytail. My blue eyes sparked with energy.  I stomped down my stairs to see Mark standing there. Mark acted as my father. He wasn’t, but I always gave him that place in my life. He had adopted me when I was ten years old. He had taken a lost, afraid little girl who had lost her mother into his shelter and toughened her up. He had built me into the strong, independent girl I am now. Mark looked up at me and informed, “Sweetie, there’s someone here to see you.” My eyebrows scrunched together as I walked past him to greet the man wearing all black.

“Why, hello Leanna Hays. It is honestly such a pleasure to meet you!”

The voice’s face was in shadows and he leaned on the side of the couch. I smiled and nodded. I was well-known in the undercover world. I was young and I had passion for my assignments. That’s what they loved about me. I responded, “Same goes for you. Excuse me but, I didn’t catch a name there.”

“That’s because I never gave one.” The man smirked. There was something in that tone that made me stand on edge. Something I had to be careful of.

“Sorry for waking you this early, Ms. Hays. Anyways, all formalities put aside, I have an extremely important task for you.”

Nameless Man started to speak. I registered all he said into my mind. Nodding occasionally, I smiled.

“Hmm…This is going to be fun. First, what’s in it for me?”

Nameless Man looked up from the shadowy position. I could see his features clearly now. Brown hair with chocolate eyes. He looked at me as if he could see past all my confidence. He made a tsk-tsk noise and began, “Why? Would you not like to do something for the common welfare of your people? But, anyways, if not, then I have another offer. I see already that you have enough money. I can give you the one thing you most desire for. Do you know what that is, Miss?”

I stood taller and shook my head. My body went from demanding to guarded.

The man chuckled. “I know what it is. Its information.” He spat. “Information about your mother. Ha. I bet you think she died. Left you alone in this big, bad world to rot.” He spat the last word to emphasize it. My eyes widened. What was this man talking about? Everyone who had ever met my mother told me she left me to rot. Though I never saw a picture or anything, I had grew up to hate her.

“What are you talking about?” I demanded.

“Tell you what. Each time you complete a part of your mission, you can learn something about your mother. The rest…I guess you’ll just have to find out when you complete your task!” Nameless Man chuckled and asked, “So, do you accept?”

My instincts kicked in. The gears in my brain started turning. “Wait. What exactly is in it for you?”

The man chuckled once again. His chuckles were honestly getting annoying. “Oh dear. No, not for me. See, I am not the person asking you to do this. It’s Boss. He has some old enmity with this man. He knows your success, and he would like you to accomplish this task.” He paused, mulling over his next choice of words. “So, tell me Leanna Hays. Do you accept?”


A/N: Sorry I haven’t been publishing for a while! Enjoy the upcoming stories! Don’t forget to like and comment!


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