Dark Mornings: Part 2

In the moonlit pathway, standing in front of a beautiful mansion, I looked down at the glistening white sheet of paper. When I accepted the offer, I was given the job. With this job, came this white sheet of paper with two words on it. Kyle Tarik. A millionaire investment adviser who sufficed his family’s needs. But, like always, there was a catch. He was a scammer. He never let out. He was a wolf that preyed on the most desperate people. In fact, Kyle seemed to have an eye for distressed souls. This heartless man was in a shower of money doing illegal, dirty scams.

I looked up once again to examine the towering mansion. Of course there was a minor technicality. This Kyle Tarik was a millionaire. That meant he had security cameras, motion sensors, and a whole bunch of other gadgets. I yawned to pause and think. Getting there was hard enough. What I also had to find was evidence of all the scams he had done in his merciless life.

I had accepted the offer made by the Nameless Man, yes. But, I was still precarious. I always slept with one eye open. This time was not different. I had yet to meet the “master.” If I hadn’t met him, how could I trust the words of a man who could not even trust me with his name? I had a plan in mind, though. There was a reason the called me Leanna Hays. The wind blew through my blond air as I stood there. Like a fox, I was planning, strategizing. Kyle Tarik had enough undeserved happiness for a long time. I had to change that.

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